It’s been months

For months now…

I think I have tried to get my wordpress to work for months now, and yet nothing. Finally, TODAY it did! Who’s excited? That’s right, Me! Haha. As I have always said, I’m not the normal author, nor do I ever claim to be. It’s all about just me saying whatever the hell my mind comes up with next. For the longest time the only blogging that was happening was on my other one from blogger. Hopefully, this one will now work.

Obviously, months have passed and my life just keeps going… writing, reading, music, all of it, just keeps going with no signs of it stopping any time soon. (That kind of sounded morbid. Oops, sorry about that.) Let’s see what’s going in this wonderful world of books that I live in. I’m writing the final book of the Charming Series. WOW! It’s a rough one, but it’s time. ALSO BIG news.. The newest version of Charming Selene came out, and that was a huge help! (If you read the first one, I apologize for all the screw-ups.) What else, hmm… Oh let’s see, made a new best sellers list, that was FUN! Having to make a new playlist at this time for the new book, oh, and I’m writing a new novel saga that will come out after this last Charming book. So, that’s about it in the book world.

Now, in the real world so much has changed. Political wise, we won’t even get into that. Let’s just say you try to “grab” me anywhere and you won’t like what happens to you or your hand. I think that sums up where I stand on that. Haha. (Seriously, I will cut you, so don’t even think bout it! LOL)

My daughters are growing up right in front of my eyes, and that alone is so freaking scary. If this seems like I’m rambling, I am. I keep thinking that word press is going to not publish this, because I’ve done this about a hundred times, and nothing ever comes of it.

Alright, we will see if this random words of utter bullshit publishes and if it does.. Then heck yes, I’m BACK! Whoop! Whoop! Also, if you’re still reading this, then thank you! You guys have stuck by me, kept reading this and you have rocked my world. Hope to get write again on this blog! I have SO much more to share! EEK!

As usual- Peace, Love, and all that Jazz my friends.

Is it worth it?

Where the heck do I begin today?

This week we have a lot going on with the books. It’s crazy pressure time for me. We have a whole overhaul on all the pages I have. That alone is enough to drive a person into the crazy house, but we shall see how this plays out. When you think of all the things that you have to do as an author it can be very overwhelming. Let alone what you have to do just to keep your normal life on track. That’s kind of the fun of all this. Stress isn’t fun, but seeing people liking your books, your thoughts, well that alone is worth all this. Isn’t that why I started this in the first place? To reach people? To try to tell stories that left you uplifted or wanting more?

(Again, I try to remind myself of why I do this daily..)

There’s going to be days that you fight yourself for what to do with all of this, and there will be days where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, hopefully, there is a light at the end of this long ass tunnel.

This seems to be all I have for today.. Looking forward to sharing more with you very soon!

Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- DeeThe Series that started it all

Happy Friday

Just wanted to share some joy on this beautiful Friday morning!

Enjoy your weekend my friends…Friday Funny

One week..

It’s been almost a week since I published Charmed Destiny. What a whirl wind of an event. When you publish a book, you sit there waiting.. Waiting to see what others think of your work, wondering if you have done everything right.. wondering if anyone will ever read the book you poured your heart and soul into. These are all the questions I played on repeat in my mind that day.

I have heard many good things about the book thus far, so that’s a good sign. Right? This story took me back to a lot of pain that I never thought I would share with anyone, let alone the whole world. From the love story inside the book, to the main point of the story.. It’s my life put into a very fictional book. With that being said, I also knew I was taking a huge chance writing this series of books. Family members could be mad at me for what I have put out into the world. Only one thing I can say about that.. This is my story, this my life.. I am sure they have a difference of opinion, but it’s my story to tell. These books will always be a work of fiction, obviously, but there is points in the books where you can see they relate to my life. That’s the scariest part of all this. The book, Charmed Destiny, took so long to write and finish. It started out with a very different idea of what I had thought originally.. That’s the beauty of writing. You never know where a story is going to go. The whole mythology vibe in the books is also because I loved learning about in school.It may not be exactly how they are supposed to be in mythology because I didn’t want that. I wanted some of it to keep with the myths, but others I wanted to throw right out. Again, this is just a story.. My story..

People that know me say they are never shocked that I write books for a living.. I have always told such elaborate stories, wrote upon any paper that was in reach.. It’s the love of story telling I think.. I believe that all writers just want to tell their stories in their minds, and I just chose to write books to tell mine. With all this being said.. there’s a music video that I wanted to share that we found recently that seemed like it was meant to go along with the book. Seriously, love the song. If you have read any of my past blogs, it’s pretty much inevitable that I will speak about music. It’s just who I am. Haha.

Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Enjoy the week my friends! Dee

I didn’t forget you…

The past couple of months have been crazy. I am sure that everyone says that, but I literally felt like I was going “nuts”. For months we have been working on Charmed Destiny and trying to get this damn book published. Between edits, more editing, and oh, editing that took more time than I was prepared for. (Note to self, try to think of that next time.) I am glad to say the book has FINALLY been published. This book took over a year for everything to come together for it. In a million years I never thought it was going to take that long to finish this book. (Seriously, I didn’t think that far ahead.)

Writing the next installment to the Charming Series was way more than I had expected it to be. One, from the male’s perspective really surprised me.. Two, writing a completely different story than was planned. When you start writing a book or hell, writing anything you think of the ideas, you make an outline etc.. Not this book. I never wrote the outline, I never thought of where, who, how or what was going to happen. I literally just wrote a story. From there the story started taking a mind of it’s own. I had stopped writing for over three months. Not just that story, but all together. I was discouraged, heart broken at times, and honestly, wanted to give up. But then something happened..

I woke the hell up and pulled myself together! It didn’t matter anymore if anyone read any of my books, I didn’t start this process for anyone but myself. There has been great days with this career and there has been days where I didn’t know if I was going to get the hell out of bed. If anyone EVER says that writing is easy.. They are lying to you! In one way it is easy, you write and write, then you scribble (or I should say back space) entire ideas out. You always hope that you write a story that captures peoples attention, but that’s not always the case. Being an author is a career that you really have to love to keep going. Even if you are writer just for blogs (let’s say), it’s still something you have to want to do.

There has been great times with writing though.. I have won some awards, I have had people tell me how they enjoy what I write, and I think that’s the cure to this whole “writing” thing. Even if you can just reach one person with your words and somehow it has an effect on them, then that’s worth all of this. I should be promoting the holy hell out of my book that I just published, but I needed to tell you where I was at when writing this story. I took from my life and made an elaborate story with Charmed Destiny. There’s going to be people who hate it, there’s going to be people who love it, and there’s going to be people who want to tear everything I do down. BUT that’s the love of writing.. This series (Charming) is literally parts of me that I let leaked out into the world. You hide behind your writing sometimes and I never saw this book going the way it did. Critics have said that I shouldn’t be such a smart-ass in the books that readers won’t understand, to it’s the worst writing that they have read, to the story confused them, to I hate your writing.. Well, I got two words for those people.. (I will let you use your imagination) If you are a writer then you write. You write what you want and what makes you happy. Or hell, even if it makes you sad and you have to get those feelings out then you do that! Don’t EVER let the “nay sayers” take your dreams from you. Believe me..

Now.. FOR the shameless plug time! (Yea, I know you saw it coming too.. Haha)

Charmed Destiny is about a guy who is madly in love with a female whom he now has to marry if he wants to be with her (forever). Their story isn’t like most love stories, they have to battle every step of the way, then their story takes a crazy turn. They have to either fight for themselves and what they want or just let the gods rule their lives as they have always done.

I hope that you check out the book, maybe just the cover.. You can find it on amazon!

Thank you! A million times over THANK YOU for reading my random thoughts of the every day writer..

Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Dee KingCD Tag Line


Video (Yea, that’s the whole title)

With every book I have wrote, there has been a video. Now, that being said.. Not all the videos were good, because I may not be the best tech savvy person. I can own that. I know this. (Haha)

With that being said, I had some major help with this one. It was a collaboration of efforts this time. The video has two great songs from two of my favorite Indie Rock bands. The Shameless Pursuit and Ships Have Sailed. (Seriously, I LOVE THEM!) Anyhow.. with their songs I felt it could tell the story a little better than the usual background music. We took some of the teasers, some of the photos I have used to describe certain scenes, and my words straight from the book.

Now, as long as I have your attention here I need to give thanks! Thank you to my TEAM who works so very hard for me to do this job. (Being an author is great, but I need a team for so many reasons.) One of my team members put this video together for me. It was way better than mine were. (Haha.. This is the truth!) We thought it would be good just to share something a little different than what I have done before. This book is driving me right into the crazy house, but I think I must like it there.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this video for Charmed Destiny. Maybe it gives a little insight into where the series is headed. (Can’t give away to many spoilers..) Thank you to all of you who view the video, thank you for taking the time to read my random words, and thank you haters for encouraging me. That’s right, even the haters get some love. Without haters how would you know how well or bad you have done. (Haha..)

Let’s see how this goes.. As I hold my breath, cross my fingers, and possibly rock back and forth in my chair anxiously awaiting the thoughts of others. Thank you again!!

It’s Coming..

I swear this book and this series is going to drive me crazy! It’s coming! I swear that this book is gonna be the one that drives me right into the crazy house. The book was supposed to be published this month and that’s just not gonna happen. We are trying very hard to make sure that this book, this time is going as well as I possibly can. I know that it’s not when I said it would be, but I didn’t see there would be issues. But, of course there were issues.. It’s me. Haha.. Story of my life..

But I promise the book is coming, and I truly hope that it will have been worth the wait. I have heard that it might be.. So that gives me hope. I will also blog more this coming week, but with the deadline breathing down my neck .. Well, that’s making it a bit harder. Hopefully, when all said and done this book and this series will be something I can be proud of. Enjoy your weekend my friends.

Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Dee CD Tag Line

One whole week..

I survived one whole week on the best sellers list for Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Didn’t think that was gonna happen, but it did! It still doesn’t seem real. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for reading my randomness. It’s always a pleasure knowing that others out there feel the same as I do on some things.

Okay, enough with all of that.

Let’s talk Superbowl Fifty shall we? Did you watch the game? Did you party? Here’s a little fun fact about me, I am a huge Denver Broncos FAN! Like fan from when I was a kid. So, of course, we watched the game. I don’t think I have ever spoke about sports on my blogs, but today is going to be a first. All I can say is that I thought the game was a little boring towards the end, but overall my team pulled out the W. Man, I am not sure if Peyton has just completely lost his mojo or what, but I really hope he’s on the verge or retirement. He’s gotta be one of the greatest players that have ever played the sport, but watching Sunday was just sad. I just hope he goes out on a height  of his career.

Now, that half time show… I have heard so many things that it’s crazy. People will look for anything to find a problem with something. I swear. I actually liked the half time show. (I may or may not be a massive fan of Coldplay.) I could have done without some of it, but overall I enjoyed it.

Holy crap! Lady Gaga killed it! I thought she did an exceptional job.

Alright, what else do we have this week…. Hmm. Oh yea, I have a new book coming out. It’s the second book in my series. It literally has taken a year to finish this project. I took off about three months at one point from writing all together. I think that letting others opinions sink into my thoughts clouded my ideas. That had to be the first thing I stopped doing. I stopped listening to the “naysayers” and did my own thing. That’s the only way it can ever truly happen for me. If I stop listening and just do what I feel, I am living my dream, not theirs. We often forget that at times. Always trying to please others, always trying to make sure that we make other people happy when in reality, we have to find a happiness within ourselves. So, on that note, I am proud that here very shortly I am publishing the second book in this series (My third book published) and look forward to moving on.

That’s about all I have for today’s random words of bullshit. Haha.

Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- DeeExsist

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