Hump Day!

            Happy Hump Day Folks!!

Hi there! Welcome back! Today, I thought we would discuss bullying! This is a serious issue. Between children and adult’s the issue still remains. Often we think that as an adult the issue will stop, but all too often it does not. Many think of bullying as just being beaten, but it’s far more than that. If you are being told you are worthless, you are not important, then you are being bullied.

You may have thought that because of your religion, your sexual preference, or just because you are different, that you are deserve this! YOU do not! You deserve the same right’s as everyone else! You are wonderful for who you are! Do not let anyone ever let someone take your shine! If you are feeling alone, or threatened, please contact someone. There are many groups that will listen, and they will help. Never let anyone bully you into thinking that you are not a beautiful soul! Stand up for who you are! You are STRONG! If you are reading this, and you feel that this touches on a subject you can relate to, then please know that you are not alone! I hope these words have brought light to a subject that may help other’s. If you know someone who is in this situation, please help them to see that they are worth more than that.

Thank you for your time, and if only one person reads this I am happy. It isn’t about numbers to me, it’s about helping others.


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  1. Bullies are very sad individuals, they tear someone else down to build themselves up. It’s like a power trip for them, and they don’t care that they are hurting others. I used to watch the show “Bully Beatdown”, and I loved it! Those punks got a little taste of their own medicine, and then most of the time they realized the pain that they were causing. Bullies need to be put into check and called out for their actions. I can’t stand this kind of behavior, and it’s so rampant in our society. And for those that don’t think it’s that big of problem, I say get your head out of the sand!

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