What inspire’s you?

You ever hear a song, and you are like “Oh that’s my jam!” Well, music inspire’s me. Today, let’s talk music and books.

Soundtracks to movie’s can really help build the movie at the right times, books, can do that too. If you write to music, and you need to feel anger you can listen to what I like to call angry music. Also known as, heavy metal. Maybe, you need to feel sad, and so you play that sappy love song that you listened to a hundred times, because that song bring’s back memories. Or maybe you need to feel happy, so you play Pharrell’s new song Happy, so you can get up and move your booty, and dance around like no one is watching! Music can inspire so much from you, that you may not even know that you were needing to hear that song, but then you hear  it, and takes you to a place you needed to be. If you haven’t heard the new song by Ingrid Michaelson, Girls chase boys, that song will lift your spirits immediately. She writes lyrics that (for a gal) she makes you know that you are not alone. That is what writing is supposed to be. Music lyrics is someone’s words that they felt. Hence, back to the soundtrack of a movie. The movie is wrote first, then you find music later on. The music needs to co-inside with one another so you can feel what the character’s were feeling at that time. Maybe you like classical, if you listen to Beethoven, and the music he composed you can feel the emotion through the music. Emotion’s can inspire you to feel. To feel is what we all need. Whether you are mad, sad, happy, or angry we all need to feel emotion. 

Music, writer’s, people every where need to feel emotion so that we know that we are still human. Find your book, find your “jam”, and watch how the music effect’s you as you read! If you read in the quiet, then that’s okay, too, but I promise you will think of a song at one point that will remind you of an emotion you felt in a book.

Find what inspire’s you, and GO FORTH, and do that! Whatever, your goal may be, you can accomplish anything you put your mind too. Look at me. Just a normal, plain, person, and I am trying to live my dream. What’s stopping you??



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