Very soon I will be revealing my cover photo! New teaser’s are in the process, and I am very excited to share all this with you all!

Maybe you are wondering why a cover is such a big deal? Well, let’s be honest. We all know we all judge book’s by their covers. i know, I know, we should not do that, but we do. A cover either reveals idea’s about the book or can be completely random. I have went with an idea of what my book is about. After weeks, days, and many hours we have finally came to an idea that I had truly loved. Writing a book you would think would be not that hard, but let me tell you, it is! I have always had respect for people who worked hard, and tried, but this has been such a hard task at times that I have literally wanted to throw in the towel. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to just give up, but you don’t. You just keep pushing harder and harder. That, my dear, is to be admired! 

We may not want to admit how we all judge other’s, but we all do. It’s how you handle that judgement that sets you apart from the weak. We are not weak, are we? No! We are strong. We take that judgement and turn into something we can work with. The homeless man on the street that the man in the suit just hurried by, you stop, dig in your pocket for a couple of buck’s because you know that no matter how bad you think you have it, someone has it worse. We can take judging other’s, and turn that judgement around. The same as in a book. You can look at the cover and think “I would never read this,” but here you are over half way done with the book, and you are loving it. So, obviously book cover’s are a pretty big deal. Now, that being said, you may not like every type of book or style of genre either. Maybe you read Sci-fiction, and would never read romance. Maybe, you only read romance, and would never read Sci-Fiction.What if the book was combined? What if you did read that book, and now you see how wonderful the two can go together? We all judge, but we can all learn to open our mind’s and learn that just because what you think you see on the outside may not be what is in the inside? 

Revealing my cover with the world, means I am that one step closer to my dream. Are you one step closer to making your dream’s come true? If not, then again I ask what is stopping you? WE CAN DO THIS! You can accomplish your dream. Let’s do this!!


This blog post’s playlist was brought to you by the lovely Florence+The Machine- Ceremonial’s album. As usual, give the artist the credit they deserve! We all need some happy in our lives, and their happiness is to bring you their words in music.Image

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  1. I’m not a fan of Sci-Fi stuff, I could never get into it, but I do enjoy romance. And generally if there is romance intertwined into something else, I can dig it! When will your cover be revealed? I have been reading your posts, and I’m excited to see what your book looks like on the outside.

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