Let’s have some fun!

           I love movies, music, and television. A lot of times you can watch or hear something, and connect with it. I thought today maybe I would give a review to some of my new favorite’s. Quite a few young adult genre TV show’s are on right now, that are based off books. So, let’s start there.

First, let’s start by saying that the CW has the YA genre in the bag. They really cater to a younger audience, but with that being said, they really take some good books and bring them to life. 

Star-Crossed is one of the new shows. This show is about an alien race that lands on Earth, jump to ten years later, and it’s the alien race trying to live among humans. There is a love story inside of what seems to also be a war that is raging between the two races. This show is really interesting to say the least. 


The 100 has been a nail biting good time. This show is about how the Earth had radiation hit it, and they moved the human race to space. They send down 100 teens down to Earth to see if it’s habitable, because the ARK (their space home) is dying due to lack of oxygen. This show is based off the book, and it’s worth watching.

Now, let’s discuss books that have been made into movies.

Divergent was fantastic! The fact that this book was a best selling novel the movie was going to have high hopes! It did not fail! Veronica Roth even has a cameo. If you have not read or seen this, you are really missing out.

Beautiful Creatures was also a great film to the book. In fact the author’s are doing a re-read of the books. You can “drop” a lollipop on their map on facebook,  they are sharing the books again with their fans. From what I understand they are doing a new series with it, too. That should be fun!

Now, if you notice I only spoke of young adult books, that have been turned into television, or movies. That’s because as I started writing Charming Selene I found that I was drawn to this genre. In my novel, I had thought that everyone goes through life changes in high school, but especially at the end of your high school career. You are faced with many decisions, and you think you know what you want, but often that changes as you head out into the real world. I wanted my main character, Selene, to be faced with obstacles that we all face. (In a way.) Many of us struggle with our parents at that age, some of us struggle with love, or finding love, and most important we are just trying to find where we fit in this big old world.

I hope you give the movies, the television shows, and books a look. They really are pretty good. Not everyone will love these, but for some of you, you will fall in love with these character’s.

On that note, have a beautiful day my friends. Open your mind, and read something new and fun today! Take a moment for yourself. You deserve it!



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