Storms are brewing

Some of you may know that I love storms.. the potential outbreak of tornado’s is a very high risk today. Now, you are asking yourself, “What does this have to do with her book?”

Well, I will tell you. Since, the cover has been released it has given an insight into my book. There are element’s of weather that I will be using. Storms or all kinds. So on a day like today, well, all you can do is watch the skies and be prepared.


The movie Twister was one of my favorite’s. People say all kind’s of thing’s when the weather gets bad. They blame God, Mother Nature, etc.. I wrote in my book about the Greek God’s causing the weather. BUT, as we all know, like in the movie Twister, the weather is actually science. To receive information about storms we have to know the science of storm’s. I would still like to believe that Mother Nature has a hand in this, but overall, I use science to map out what is going to happen with storm’s.


Today, my message is about storm’s. Do not fear them, be prepared for them. In our region, we could see golf ball size hail, hurricane winds, and isolated tornado’s. This is to be advised, and take any warning or watch’s seriously. You do not want to be caught out in them. If you find that you are, you need to find the nearest ditch. Please, please exit your vehicle, and do not hide under an overpass. This has been proven that the wind’s can force you out.


All I know is that I would not want to be caught in a storm with Alex. AKA- A main character in my book. His fury could unleash a massive  storm, and that folks would not be good.

SO stay safe! Stay informed, and overall watch the skies. Good Luck to you all!


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