Sebastian2 Have you ever thought about if you had not given someone a chance would you have been happier not knowing them, or glad you did?

We all know there are people that come in and out of our lives. Sometimes, we think we will be very close to someone then we find out who they truly are, and we decide that at one point we should move on from them. Other times you meet someone, and they capture your heart before you were ready. If we never gave anyone the chance, then we would never know if we were supposed to be “together” or not, and that would be a lonely place to live. We, by chance, or by fate, we meet people, and we form friendship’s. Sometime’s what you see in that person, may not be what you thought at all. People can surprise you. Good and Bad.

In Charming Selene, what Selene believe’s she wants may not be the case, and what she think’s she knows of someone else may not be what she thought at all. Sometime’s what you see on the outside may be what they want you to see, maybe once you get to know them you see a side of them, that you didn’t think existed. Always remember people will only show you certain side’s of them till you truly get to know them. You get to make the choice whether you stay in the friendship or go.




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  1. I have always felt like mistakes are actually learning tools. You can’t have relationships with people without there being potential mistakes. It’s what you choose to do after the mistake, that defines you. I can honestly say that I have remained friends with almost all of my exes, they weren’t bad boyfriends but they were not right for me. Each experience was an opportunity for me to learn and grow. I’m not saying it happened immediately after a breakup, but with time, you can really push past all the emotions that can cloud judgment. I’ve seen it within friendships too, and I have fallen victim to the one-sided friendship. I can still see that person and be cordial without reliving all the crap I was put through. It’s hard to put yourself out there sometimes, but you have to continue to live without being in fear of the “what ifs” in life. In your book, I hope Selene is true to herself.

    1. I agree. I also believe that we never know why people come in and out of our live’s. For whatever reason, I truly think that we learn from these people. We learn the good and the bad.

      I believe that Selene learns as she goes. She think’s she knows what she wants, but she find’s that is not always the case. Just because we think we don’t want change in our life, we often find that change can help us grow to be who we are striving to be. Hopefully, Selene learns this before it’s too late.

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