Fun Friday

6c72844e7988f234a65827466a6d416f      Friday comes and all of a sudden the day turns around!

On the weekend’s everyone get’s so busy. You wait all week for the weekend. You plan, you plot, and then you have some fun! No, not every weekend can be fun, and not every weekend are you going to be busy.

A lot of times we go to parties, and we hang out with our friend’s. Have you ever been to a party that changed your life? How crazy would that be? All you wanted to do was go have some fun, then your world gets flipped upside down? Often, we forget how fast thing’s can change for us. Whether it be that in one night you meet the love of your life, or maybe in one night you meet your best friend? Sometime’s we forget that life is unpredictable. We can plan, but it rarely goes as we plan. Maybe we have more fun then we expected, or maybe we have a sudden turn of event’s that change our lives forever!

So, this weekend, think about how you may have some unexpected fun, or maybe you have some unexpected event’s happen. It is up to you, how you handle this. 

Today, this blog post was made possible by the wonderful band, Phoenix.. the album Bankrupt.. Good stuff! Check them out!

Also, if you are looking for a little more info on my book. Every blog post I have done so far is an insight to what I have wrote about! Maybe, later on today or tomorrow I could give a little paragraph for my book 🙂Image

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