Being a Mommy

        Being a Mommy means so much more than just providing for them, it means pure, true love.

I love being a Mom. I remember as a little girl I always had dolls, and was always holding them, and pretending I was a mom. Now, that I am a mother it’s funny how I do the same thing’s as I did then. I hold them, I kiss them, and play with them. I had the distinct honor of being raised by women who taught me how to love. I learned what I didn’t want to be, and what I did want to be through them. My father had full custody of me from the time I was 4, and I learned love through his eye’s. When I got older, I didn’t want to have children. I was afraid that they wouldn’t love me as I would love them… when I got married, that all changed. The first time I held my oldest daughter in my arm’s, I knew what it meant to give love. True love. The next time I learned about being a mom was when I was pregnant with my second daughter, and had live in the hospital till she was born. She came very early, and my heart broke watching my tiny baby laying with tubes up her nose, and being the size of my hand. I was blessed to give birth to two beautiful preemie girl’s, two and half years apart. I find myself staring at them sometimes thinking how being a mom has changed my life in so many ways. I wouldn’t change that for anything in this world. Materialistic item’s don’t mean anything to me, because I have the honor of being a MOM! I know there are many mother’s out there that are not the Mom’s they should be. I wish every mom could see the beauty of love through their child, but many do not. Being a parent means so much more than just taking care of their needs, it means to give your life for them if they needed it. I find that as time goes on, I don’t get to hold them like I did when they were babies, and I don’t get to do all the little girly thing’s with them when they were toddlers. I now get to watch them grow into people. They have their own voice’s, own attitude’s, and fun personalities. It’s an honor being called Mommy, Mama, and Mom. Don’t take that for granted because before we blink they will be adult’s and we will be wondering where the time went. I wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day who is a Mom, and to those of you who are not.. make sure you let your mom know you still love them.. 


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