Monday aka Yuckday!

  Monday, who would ever thought that this day would be the most hated word? 

You wake up on Monday, and you think that if you could just have an extra fifteen minutes you could feel better. That doesn’t actually happen, then you get in a bad mood before the morning has even started. Now, some Monday’s can be exciting! You wake up, and it’s the start of a new week, and you have some big plans on the coming up weekend. Those Monday’s can be pretty good. the anticipation for the upcoming exciting event usually outweigh’s the bad Monday. 

On this Monday, I am pretty excited. I finished my first novel! I now get to start the editing process, but soon to be published. So, this Monday is a good Monday. I hope that you have a good Monday as well! Just trying to make a day a little brighter than it may have started!! 


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