What is going on?

   I have found that writing can be very therapeutic. Whether you write a blog, a journal, maybe just notes, sometimes getting your feeling’s out can really help you feel better. 

We often feel that no one is listening to us. That we do not have a voice. I am here to tell you that you do have a voice. Whatever your heart desire’s or whatever you may be angry at.. writing it down can make you feel powerful. You can have the whole world know how you feel, or you can simply write down your thoughts for you to feel better. Life is not always rays of sunshine, and sometimes we need to get thing’s off our chest. We find ourselves struggling from the past to move to the future. I do not know everyone’s story, I just know mine. I know that when I write out how I feel better. Often we miss sign’s or loved one’s. Whether it’s they are depressed, sad, or just lonely, we miss the sign’s to help because we are living in our own bubble. I dare you to step out of that bubble, write your feelings down, and see if maybe you feel that you can help someone too. Whether you struggle from a broken past, a broken heart or maybe just being broke. Letting your voice be heard can heal. We don’t know that the same woman we see at the office who always has too much make up on was beaten again last night. We don’t know if the little boy that you see walking the streets if that’s his home or not. Once, you learn to overcome some of your own personal “demons” we are able to see that maybe other’s need you. There is not one person more important than another. We often find we are jealous of other’s for what they have, but what if we stopped being jealous and was happy with what we have or who we are. We can all try to be somewhat less self absorbed and find other’s who can learn from us. Let’s step out of our little world’s together. Who’s ready to take the leap? Will you be the first one to say “I can help you..” Of course you can! 


All posts are subject’s that I blog about are in my book, specifically trying to make choice’s that seem hard. Image

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