Playlist Randomness

Since my blog is about random thing’s I like to discuss that have had to deal with Charming Selene (my first novel.) Let’s do something FUN and RANDOM today! A playlist! I will be giving song’s that I have used or that were sent to me for me to listen to while writing. I have spoke numerous times on how music, music lyrics, is someone’s work that they wanted to share with the world. So, today, let’s have some fun for Hump Day!


Klingande-Jubel * They are an Indie Rock band

Bastille- Still of the night * Fantastic band! The song’s can really move you!

Capital Cities- Safe and Sound

American Authors- Best Day of my life *Oh, come on.. just look at the name.. it was a given I would use these guys 🙂

Maniac- Flashdance theme song

Nico&Vinz- Am I wrong

The Neighborhood- Sweater Weather

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack (What? The music is good.. don’t judge lol)

Lana Del Ray- Summertime Sadness

Disclosure- Latch (A very unique song)

The Black Keys- Fever (Their new album came out yesterday! Check it out! They have an Indie, Blues, sound!)

I think this is all for today’s playlist. Music can make you feel so many emotions. I obviously, like Indie Rock a lot.  I know there are many genres I have not even touched on, and I will. I just want to give the credit where it’s due this week. In other random news, I take requests, as in, if you would like me to hear a song that inspire’s you or that you love, go ahead and send it. If I like it, I will add it to my playlist. 

The playlist for my book’s are going to be like 2 pages, but I am all about giving credit where it’s due. So, on this random HUMP day, I hope you find some good music to start your day, and to let you feel the emotions you want to feel. 

Dee King


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