Who would have thought..

This weekend I watched a couple of movie’s I had not seen. I thought maybe for a Random Monday I would give a review for each movie. Let’s have some fun shall we?

First movie up for discussion is the new Hercules movie. The Legend of Hercules. I was pretty excited to see this. One, the main character is Emmit from the Twilight series. Kellan Lutz. Second, I wanted to see how I could possibly use Hercules in my book series. So, I had great hopes. Boy, was I wrong! Let me tell you, we were half way through the movie, and all I could think was “Dear God is it going to end?” Oh my! The last 30 minutes of the movie was good, not great, and it lacked in every aspect. It dragged from the beginning! Hercules was known for his strength, and ability to be able to fight battles, and win! He went through 12 tribulations just to be the man we all know now. They ruined the whole legend for me. Seriously, people do not see this movie if you only like movie’s for their last 30 minutes. It did help me though, I decided to use someone else in my book. I guess on that note, I am glad I watched it. 

Now, the next movie may be more shocking that I watched. Star Trek. The newest one that was made in 2009. This movie was great from the beginning. It had action, a little love story, and then some more action. I could not believe I liked the movie, but I really did. I had no knowledge of Star Trek before I saw the movie. It had some funny scene’s too. I enjoyed it, and hopefully will see the second one here soon.


Now, you are wondering why am I discussing movie’s? Well, I feel that TV, Movies, Music, Books, are all related in some way. The scripts are wrote, the lyrics are wrote, and that means that someone has had to have written for these to be produced. I like being able to decide for myself whether I like something by it’s words. Not every song, not every movie, not every book is going to be a hit! Everyone isn’t going to like the same thing’s either. That’s what I  find fascinating. We all have our own opinion’s, and often we do not share for fear to hurt someone. Well, I am sharing my opinion today, so that other’s may give something a try, or maybe they will think the 2 movie’s I discussed were awful. May be they think they were great? That’s the beauty. It’s your opinion.

Dee King


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