Memorial Day Weekend

  In America this weekend we celebrate the lives of our men and women who have served this country.

      We also celebrate the lives of our loved one’s who have passed away. We bring flowers, we have cook-outs, and spend time with our families. I have always thought this was an odd holiday when I was growing up. We could celebrate our loved one’s lives every day if we chose. Why are we eating, going out of town, going to lakes, and doing all these thing’s on one particular weekend. Then I married a military man, and the weekend became something I finally understood. Every day there is a solider who has part their life on the line for you. The right to have the freedoms we have in this country. I feel that our country is becoming more of “FOR THE GOVERNMENT” then “FOR THE PEOPLE”, but either way, there is someone willing to fight for my freedom, and they deserve my, and your respect. So, today on this Saturday, I would like to thank all the military across the world that gives their lives every single day for someone like me to have the freedom to say anything I would like! Here is to you! Thank you for serving, and thank you for giving your life for mine. You are selfless, and to be admired! 

 I would also like to say to my loved one’s who have past that you are not forgotten, and I think of you daily. Thank you for being a part of my life.

For all the soldiers who have died so that I may have the freedoms I have, and keeping my family safe. I salute you!

Thank you,

Dee King


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