Don’t let go..

Don’t let go.. When you have something that you feel you are fighting for, don’t give up! We all want to let go at points in our lives, but don’t let go of your dreams! 

I don’t discuss my personal views on my blog, besides music, but I feel like I am usually a motivational speaker. At times, I think to myself, Why Am I trying to make other’s happy.. Well, the truth is.. most of the time I am talking to myself. I do not sit out, and write my blog post’s, like most bloggers do. I just write what I feel at that moment. You ever see those people that always seem so happy, and you think to yourself, PLEASE! No one can be that happy all the damn time! Well, I am here to tell you, they aren’t. I would say that most of the time people try to keep their personal lives quiet, and you only see the person they want you to see. 

If we are all being real with ourselves, as I am trying to be.. I can not predict how my day will go. No one can predict how that will go.. If we could I guess we would all be psychic. I just hope that the few that do read my blog, find comfort in knowing that I care about other’s. I may not tell you my whole life story, but guess what, Life is about how you deal with everyday issue’s.

We could all use a “feel good” quote at times.. I am not going to give that today. You can google that shit.

I will give you my true thoughts though…  Everyone is struggling, some worse than others.. Stop and smell the rose’s every once in a while, and open your beautiful eye’s to see other’s around you! Helping other’s can always help you! It doesn’t have to be with money.. it can just be a thoughtful word..

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