Something different…

How many of you have ever been an activist for something you believed in? I don’t mean religious or political, I mean an activist for a cause you felt something strong for. It could be for anything? Oh, sure everyone has their belief’s, and believe they are right, but I mean maybe you found a cause that you felt passionate for.. It could be something about cancer, because a family member had or has it, may be it’s for animal rights? Everyone finds themselves fighting for something, whether it was what they thought they would be fighting for, or may be it was just the direction their heart led them to.

I have spent the latter part of the morning doing research on a film that was aired on HBO. It’s called A Normal Heart. This was a play on Broadway, now brought to the screen in movie form. This is the story of men who were fighting for gay right’s during the epidemic of the A.I.D.S. crisis. Now, this is not the kind of film that a lot of people are going to seek out, and watch. This film has already made an impact on me, and I have not yet seen the film. Can you imagine men just trying to fight to tell people their was a disease that was killing many, and no one was doing anything about it? We are in a day in age, where we as a people are supposed to be more tolerant of one another, and we are supposed to be evolving. Yet, to discuss this topic is almost taboo still. I am not gay, nor am I an activist for gay right’s, but I am an activist for people to be treated humanly, are you?

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