Soundtracks to movies can be very rewarding for the person that enjoyed the film. You can hear a song, and all of a sudden fall in love with that song, just from a scene in the movie. Perfect example, Footloose. That song became a huge hit after the movie was released. You may like every song from a film, and you may have purchased said soundtrack. Then every time you listen to the soundtrack, you are taken back to the memory of the first time you saw the movie. 

Now, that being said….. I have promoted music throughout my blog. I constantly am telling you to check out this band or that band. You may not understand, well, let me clarify. I have listened to music the entire time I have wrote. Whether my book, or my blogs, I am always listening to music. I came up with a soundtrack for my book! I wanted to share throughout my blogs some of the song’s, and artist’s I used for my book. Why? Because you, I, we, need to give credit where credit is due. I am going to leak out some of the band’s today. As usual, please give them a listen, and their credit for their hard work! So, let’s get started from the beginning!

American Authors

Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Why do you only call me when your high- Arctic Monkeys

On our way- The Royal Concept

Breezeblocks- Alt J

Sinister Kid- The Black Keys

Doin it right- Daft Punk

Miss Jackson- Panic at the Disco

Thing’s we lost in the fire- Bastille

Pscychosocial- Slipknot

Madness- Muse

These are the first song’s that I am leaking for the book. If you listen to the song’s, it will give you an idea of what may be happening in Charming Selene. I, again, urge you to give credit to the bands! Have a great Monday, and let’s begin with some awesome tunes!!



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