Movie Review for those Monday Blues

     This weekend I decided to take a break from the mundane parts of a weekend, and watch a couple of movies. Neither of the movies were BOX OFFICE hits, but I figured, What the heck? So, today I will be reviewing both of those movies. The first one I would like to discuss is I, Frankenstein. This movie, through the advertisement’s looked as though it had taken a very different twist to a classic. This is true. They twisted the movie so much that I was BORED! This movie is boring! There are some good parts to the film, but good grief, those are few and far between. It starts off strong, but then it just let’s you off. The story is about about how the doctor who made Frankenstein tried to kill him, because he was uncontrollable. Well, Frankenstein kills his wife for vindictive motives for trying to kill him. Then the doctor comes after him, he dies due to weather, and then the story really takes off! HA! This movie was OUT there. They had some cool aspects of how they changed this classic, but sometimes you should just leave those alone. If I had to give a rating. It would be a 2 at best!

Next film, Pompeii. This film is about the city that was destroyed by the volcano. This movie had me excited, because I love history. This movie had a Gladiator feel to it. It was a love story wrapped into an historical event in Italy. I thought this movie was intense, yet a little slow. Now, the main character you may know him as Jon Snow on the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. He plays a slave in the film. His role was excellent. I liked the whole feel to the movie. It made me feel like I was rooting for the underdog, and those films always get to me. The movie isn’t that great, though. It does, however, give you the idea of what they may have been feeling when the volcano exploded. From an historical point of view it does seem more realistic that this could have been what happened, if there was a story line to Pompeii. Overall, I  would give the film a 3. The romantic part of the film was actually pretty good. Their was quite a bit of action scene’s that I did enjoy too. 

So, if you like historical movies, or may be just the idea of what could have happened, this film may be interesting to you. Either way on both films, I only needed to see them once, and I would prefer to NEVER see I, Frankenstein again! 

That’s all from my little corner of the world today. Thanks for reading, folks. 


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