The unexpected..

Often we find ourselves in circumstances we feel were very unexpected for us. We either feel a sense of joy, accomplishment, and sometimes even sorrow. Every day we wake up thinking we know how today is going to go. We wake up, we do our normal routine’s, and sometimes there is an unexpected event that changes our day. 

It can go from feeling mundane to WOW in about 30 seconds flat. It can be something amazing that you have been waiting for, or it can be something shocking, and in those moments our lives are changed. It can be from good to bad, or bad to good, in no time at all. All we thought, was today was just like any other day. Until we realize that day changed our mood, our thoughts, and sometimes even our goals. Life can be very short. We may not understand everything that happens to us or why, but it’s what we do in those times that let’s us know that we are capable of anything. 

Today, is the day after I received some exciting news. With everything going on in my life, I felt like some good news would have to come again at some point. I am very lucky to be in the place that I am in right now. I know I am being vague about this, but often sharing with the world wide web, is not something most people find easy. I do want to share that I will be venturing out a little bit more than I have been. Fingers crossed!

This blog post was made possible by my favorite song, Letters to the sky, by Civil Twilight


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