Something you didn’t know..

 Hello there!!! Happy Friday the 13th to you! Welcome to the day that the “crazyness” happens. Sometimes a little crazy is a good thing, sometimes it’s a little scary. 

I thought I would share some exciting news with you guys! I now not only write my 2 blogs, but I also write for the Wicked Women Book Blog on WordPress. This has been an exciting new venture for me. It may seem like I have forgotten about you guys, but I have not! You can read my words on that blog too, now. I write about books, movies, and music on there too! You may be thinking, WAIT, I thought you were writing a book? I AM! I publish very soon on Amazon! Knowing that the whole world is going to see my debut novel, is a little scary. Oh okay, it’s a lot scary! I will be working on the second book of the trilogy very, very soon. I, obviously, love to write.. haha! 

So, I hope you keep joining me through this writing journey I call life. Stay tuned, you never know what’s next. Monday I will be discussing some serious issue’s I feel need to be addressed. BUT!! Since, today is Friday the 13th, it’s time to enjoy our day! 

-Dee King-  P.S. You guy’s didn’t think I would let today go without a song did you? You know me too well! Today’s song is by…

Cazzette- Sleepless (It’s a pretty good song, I think)

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