Conspiracy Theory

   I never thought I would become bitter towards my own government, but here lately.. I see all that is going on, and you have to ask your self, “What exactly are they doing?” Politics are tricky, but the people who are in politics, those are the one’s you have to watch for.

    You watch television show’s like House of Cards or Scandal, and they don’t seem to far fetched from what the truth probably is. No one truly knows what is happening inside the government, we just know it’s effecting our lives. Until you have to deal with a government agency, you really don’t care. Let’s just be honest  here.. you see the homeless veteran, you see people living off the government, but we don’t question it. I often wonder how people “cheat” the system? No, seriously, how do they do that? Do they not work just to have the government work for them? Why do we have so many homeless veterans? Some of the answers can be easily found if you really think about it. Who exactly is running our government? What are they doing there? I don’t feel this is in the “Peoples” best interest, I think it comes down to the almighty dollar bill. Who can pat who’s pockets bigger, and they forget about the people working hard just to provide for their family. 

It becomes frustrating when you see what is happening in our government, and in our world, yet we as a people feel hopeless to being able to make a change. Oil companies still making huge amounts of money, big business making deposits of large amounts, yet, the people are still struggling for the crumbs they try to live on. Insurance rates at an all time high, and yet nothing has changed. Food becoming more and more expensive because they can not seem to keep the product at a level that is safe for us due to them trying to cut corners. Half the time we don’t know if we will be able to eat what we ate yesterday due to another recall. 

I ask you, how do we get the government to work for the people again? How do we change the times that are here, and the worse that is to come? How do we as a people, say we won’t stand for this, and we want our lives back? I honestly, don’t have the answers. May be the books are right? May be we have to stand up for ourselves, and say we want our freedom back! There are countries that are suffering more than America, but how do we help them, when we can’t help ourselves as a country? I use to feel voting was my right, and that I made a difference. Now, I question if it even matters? Does your vote count? Think about this.. more than half the population votes, yet we still have yet to see these changes that are promised to us? Do we the people even have a voice anymore, or is our voice not heard, because we don’t have the money to back a government official. They say that it costs millions of dollars for campaigns, well, where the hell is that coming from? You find the rich people to put into your campaign, and then you do what they want, not what the people want. When this country was founded it wasn’t bought and paid for by money, it was bought and paid for by blood, sweat, and tears. We now send our troops into battle situations more than we should, yet when they come home, the government can not longer help you? I hope one day my faith is restored in this country I call home, but for today, and for the very near future, I don’t see that happening. This blog post may have nothing to do with my actually book, but in a way it does. We want to be able to make our own choice’s, and live our lives feeling free. Yet, are we truly free, when everything we do has to be overseen by the government? Are they working for you, or for themselves??? That is the question we must ask!

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