Not so heavy..

   Sometimes you write about controversial issue’s, and you think “Um, may be I shouldn’t have said that?” Then you think, “What the hell? Why not?” So, as we all know my blog is called Charming Randomness. Why did I name a blog this? Well, I will tell you. I think about random thing’s all the time. The mind is a wonderful machine that should be used. I know, I know, people do not always use their’s, but hey we can’t fault them for that can we? Oh okay, we can, but we shouldn’t. Yesterday I gave my opinion on the government, and how they do not work for the people. Now, that was some pretty “heavy” stuff for me to write about being how that is something I feel strongly about. If you have not had to deal with the government on a level like I have then count your blessings. Crooked, is a word I would like to use for that. Anyways, enough about the heavy, let’s have some fun shall we?

  You all know how much I love music, we have discussed this like Oh, I don’t know daily? HAHA! Well, guess who has a new release out? Guess who has listened to it? Okay, it was me. I won’t make you work for that. Maroon 5 has released a new single! Whewhoo! Yep, I said Whewhoo! I know they English language does not see that as an actual word, but I am using it anyways!

The song is called Maps. Now, I know some of you are in shock right now? This is far from her love for alternative? I know, but I can not help myself! I love Adam Levine. I don’t know too many women who don’t though. This song is going to be another hit! The song is a love song, about how he is following the map that leads to him back to his love. It’s catchy and it’s pretty fun. You know I love fun. So, you guy’s should check it out. If you hate it, then I am sorry, but really I blog about so many other groups, you had to know at one point I would discuss something mainstream… I also think they are coming out with a Greatest Hits? WHAT? Greatest hits? That always strikes me funny when I hear a band do this. I think of like the old rock bands when I hear that word. Man, I think I may be getting old. May be I will have a greatest hits day on my blog? That could be fun right? We shall see what kind of randomness I can come up with for that so stay tuned! 

So, the moral of this story is listen to some music that helps you feel a little better inside… It doesn’t matter what it is, but just give some music a whirl today, and see if that doesn’t brighten your heart  just a little bit. OH, and if you get the chance check out the new single from Maroon 5! It’s pretty awesome!

-Dee King- P. S. Thanks to all of you who have been following me on Wicked Women Book Blogs. I have seen you guy’s, and YOU ROCK! Thanks for the support!

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