Who needs some fun?

 Who is looking for some FUN for their HUMP day? You are? Oh good, me too! Then let’s have some fun, shall we? 

GUESS WHO WANTS TO TALK ABOUT MUSIC? You guessed it! ME! I have 2 new song’s for us to try.. First one is Sing- by Ed Sheeran, now I didn’t love this song at first, but it grows on you. It has a beat that you can move along with. Go ahead, give it a listen? I will wait…….. Oh okay, it was a toss up on who liked it and who hated it.. Let’s try another one? Now, this song I have actually used on my playlist, and reminds me of my book. Mr. Probz- Waves. Man, I love this song! You ever hear a song, and you are like that could be my “jam yo!”  This song is one of those for me. You may now proceed to giving it a listen, I will wait again for you……………………………………. You loved it, too? AWESOME! I knew I liked you for a reason! (Haha- insert laugh now) Well, that’s all for this segment of song’s today, but YOU know I will have more tomorrow. 

Let’s discuss writing for a moment.. When you write a book you want to create a world that people can relate to. When you write a romance novel, you really want the reader to feel the same emotions. Let me tell you, in my book, Selene, really struggles with the emotion’s she feels. I know that when you think you know someone, then find out that person is not who you thought.. that changes everything. We all want  true love,to  feel loved, but we all know that love can be like a rose. A rose is a gorgeous flower that if you are not careful it’s thorns will cut you! So, on that note, be sure that when you are in love, you are prepared to take the bad with the beauty. 

-Dee King- P. S. My debut novel  Charming Selene is coming in July!!!! (Rose’s just happen to have a part in my book, too) 


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