I know what your thinking..

You are asking yourself, WHY is she posting all these video’s? Where are her word’s of wisdom? (LOL humor used there)

As you all know my book will be released very, very soon, and I wanted to start sharing my playlist with you all! There is a wide range of song’s I used! I would listen for hours and hours to feel the emotion in the song to write a scene. Often, I would write to the same song for over an hour, as I would finish the song. I used music every step of the way for this process, it is only right that I give credit to the bands for their awesome tunes! 

Now, you are asking yourself? Did I see the video she posted? Well, they are right below this blog post! You need to check them out, see if you find a new favorite, or an old favorite… Heck, you may not even know the bands, so why not give it a watch? 

These are my words of randomness today, Go forth and enjoy YOUR day! Yea, you! Go ahead! Get going… oh wait, watch the video’s then you may conquer your day! 



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