You all know how much I love randomness, right? Now, you have probably heard about this little sporting event happening right now? It’s just the WORLD CUP! It’s actually one of the, if not the biggest, sporting event for many countries! Have you been watching? Who is your favorite team?

I have 2 favorite teams! One of them is dangerously close to being out of the games, and the other plays this weekend, too! If you do not not what the World Cup is, then you may have been hiding under a rock. If you have the internet, television, or even know someone who has these thing’s, you have probably heard of this. The World Cup has to be one of, if not the largest, sporting event that happens globally. (Beside’s the Olympics) Right now, the rumor is that Germany has the greatest chance of winning it all, but in this sport you never know who could be the winner. In America we refer to this sport as Soccer, but the true name is Futbol. In any other country, this would be normal, only in America can we can call another sport football, that has nothing do with your feet! (Insert laugh here..hahaha) Soccer aka Futbol is actually a very fun sport! Whether you are just a fan, or  you are player, this sport really is a lot of fun! If you have ever been to a game, you would understand! The fans really love their teams! It’s a sport that  is superb to watch! You all know, if you have watched a sport on television, that you have yelled, and screamed at the referee. You have jumped up and down when your team finally scored that goal! That makes you a fan! We are all fans of something, right?

I hope that your team does well in the WORLD CUP! FIFA!!!!!!!! Now, let’s cheer on our teams! GOOOOOO (insert your favorite team here)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today, there are some great teams playing! Go watch, yell, scream, and enjoy the games!

-Dee King- 

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