Today, come on over to Facebook, and join in me in the biggest giveaway I have seen thus far! Wicked Women Book Blogs is doing a massive giveaway today! I am co-hosting this event! It should be great fun! The giveaway includes many, many books, many swag packs, MY BOOK that is not yet published (you could be the first to read it!!) and a KINDLE! How much fun is that???!!! All from the comfort of your home??? If you do not like my page or do not know who to look for, no problem! I am about to tell you!

You can find me as Author Dee King on Facebook.. you can look for Wicked Women Book Blog, or Wicked Women Book Blogs Giveaway.. on Twitter I am Deedra_King_1979 That’s right! I have now gave you FULL access to the fun! If you need an invite, just ask! (If you tell me that you saw this through a blog, I may throw in an extra goody πŸ™‚ ) See you all soon! It starts today so don’t MISS it!

-Dee King-


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