Oh, you know I couldn’t help myself!

 You guys know what day it is, and it should be discussed.. Let’s all say it together, Monday YUCKDAY! That’s right, the dreaded word has been said! 


Now, for this Monday, Yuckday, I wanted to catch you up on a few thing’s.. Who is ready for that? I am! Let’s see.. the book will be published very, very soon! I am getting very anxious about this! Honestly, though who wouldn’t be? That means it’s time to start leaking more out! I do love a good tease! Just kidding, Jeez, calm down.. Bahahaha! Okay, so hopefully, if this worked right there should be 2 new teaser photo’s for you!! (Let’s hope you can see them, if not I will try again!) I have been working hard so that in the next couple of weeks once the book is published, that I can have some fun with you all! I will tell you the entire play list,and I will also be giving answers to some of the questions, that many have asked about! Tomorrow we will do playlist Tuesday! I know you have been waiting, I will be leaking out some of the song’s, so hold on to your hats ladies and gentleman, there are some wild cards in there! There may even be a new movie released, and of course, some more fun music videos! 


That wraps up today’s session of RANDOMNESS! I will leave you with a song, that is just for fun! 

KONGOS- Come with me! Check them out! That song is kick a**!! Yeah, I said that 🙂

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