Play list Tuesday turned into Play list HUMP day

  Oops! Yesterday was supposed to be playlist Tuesday, and unfortunately, I was swamped yesterday. That’s no excuse! I promised some tune’s, and WE shall have some! Let’s just jump into this, shall we?

I have made it very clear that I love music! I also have shared how much I love a certain genre of music, but today WE are going WAY off the rails here, and we going to discuss some music that you may like or may be you hate. Hopefully, this leads to me finding more tunes for the next book’s playlist. 

First song, Ariana Grande’s new song, Problem, with Iggy Azela … This song is catchy. I think I have heard it oh, about a hundred times now, but the song is pretty upbeat. It’s funny to think this was the girl from Victorious. Now, I kinda like Iggy. She has a sound about her, that sets her apart from some of the mainstream pop right now. What should we give this song, a thumb’s up or a thumb’s down.. I think I am going to just stay in the middle. You decide! 🙂

Second song, Magic! the new song, Rude… What I can gather is that he wants to ask her father if they can get married, and the dad says no. He proceeds to sing about how he will have her, and he will marry her because they love one another. I like this song. I think that he truly is in love with a girl, and that even though her dad doesn’t like him or thinks he is good enough, that he loves her, and he will. Kind of  like Romeo and Juliet, yet not in the kill each other way for love part. (Haha) I give it a thumbs up. What about you?

Third song, Somethin’ Bad by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood… Now, this is a country song. I know this one was not expected from me, but it seems to be popular. I like the song, I like both singers, and I like them together. Now, that being said, I will not buy an album, but I do like the song. I like it that they are talking about what most people can understand.. you know that feeling when something bad is about to happen.. So, I say I am in the middle on this too. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it! 


Well, that’s all for this playlist this week. I don’t know if any of those song’s will make the next book’s playlist, but hey, I am always open to see what strikes the mood! Okay, you guy’s have a great HUMP day, and keep it real folks! See ya on the flip side 🙂

-Dee King-

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