Countdown begins…

Today, we are going to start the countdown to the publish date! That’s right, finally, a count down to my first novel. Tomorrow, I will be releasing more of the PLAYLIST to Charming Selene. 


I think I get asked more about the music, than anything… which I love! I love music, which I have made a pretty big deal out of it. I have spent hours, going through what songs were to be used, what song’s, said how I was feeling at that time. It’s hours of music. Come prepared for some bands you have probably not heard, and some you will LOVE! Also, I will share some more teasers, and we will just try to have some fun with this countdown. Who doesn’t want to have some fun?? Haha! I knew you were wanting to have some! Even though it’s Monday, I am trying to turn this day away from it’s dreaded name, and hopefully have something to look forward to, tomorrow. 

You all have followed me through this journey,and I could not be more grateful to you! Thank you for that!! I hope that on this next step we take together you will enjoy the randomness that I call life! 

-Dee King-

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