Big, Bang, Boom

sarcasmSarcasm. We know this word. We know we all use sarcasm, whether to be funny, or that’s just our personalities. I absolutely love the Big Bang Theory. This show just makes me laugh. It’s very true in some aspects. I think this show captures Nerds, in a good way. I, myself, like being a nerd. Yes, I said that. I am no where near as smart as I would like to be, but this show captures “nerds” in a positive light. I, personally, like being a nerd. I know that’s a almost a bad word to say, but I do. I like learning about new, and old things. I like learning period. I may not always take the criticsm well, but I still want to learn. One of my favorite phrases is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! We, all have lessons to learn. Everyday we learn something new, whether it’s book smart, or it’s “street smarts.” I think that once we find out that we may just like learning, then we can share with others. Thinking is something each of us do, and thinking aloud may not always be a good thing, but we still think and learn. We learn how people are, we learn what we don’t want in our lives, and we also learn what we do want. Everything in this life is a learning experience. I say let’s do away with the name calling, and saying that NERD is a bad word. Nerds are the one’s that are paving the ways. 

I truly hope that one day, we as a people can become more tolerant of others. That we learn that calling one another nerd will be a sign of endearment. I know this may never happen, but a girl can dream right? Have a wonderful day, and weekend! Go, be you, be a nerd, be yourself. That’s what matters in this life. Be proud of who you are! Peace, love, and all that Jazz-Dee King

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  1. This is so true…knowledge is power and stereo-typing people is a load of crap! You can never truly judge a book by it’s cover, and it is the same way with people!!! So I love you, nerd! 😉

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