Books turned into movies

I love books that are often turned into films or TV series. It brings the book to life so to speak. It may not look exactly how you thought the character would, but it’s very cool to see it come to life. This past weekend I saw Divergent for the second time. The first time was in the theater. The book and movie is pretty dead on. Most movies that are based on the book, are often a let down. I will not bash or say anything about some of those, but we all know we have seen them. I found this film to be very much like the book. Veronica Roth wrote a great story about people fighting to find themselves, and sticking up for what they feel is right. What a great story for the young, old, truly anyone. I will be discussing more books that have been turned into films. I also want to give a small secret for some who may not know.. Veronica Roth does a cameo in the film. That was very cool. I think the movie, and the book are must reads, and a must see! Peace, love, and all that Jazz.. OH! I almost forgot.. if you would like to join in on the conversation I will be doing discussions on my Facebook “like” page. Feel free to join in on the fun! divergent

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