A world gone mad

 Nobody wants to discuss it. Nobody wants to see it. Nobody wants to stand up. What is happening in our world? We have people killing people because they do not believe the way they do. We have riots in Missouri for a teen being shot. We have people with deadly disease’s trying to spread it to others. Here we are wondering about the non-important issue’s when there are people hoping to just live through the day. I think that as long as we stay in our little bubbles, we feel that everything is fine. It’s when we step out of our bubble that we find that the world around us seems to be crumbling faster than we can keep up. Of course, bad thing’s have been happening since the beginning of time, but I believe we need to start having a voice. I may not understand everyone’s side, but I do know that people aren’t just sitting back as much as they were. We have to start finding a common ground. Do we all not bleed the same? Do we all not have feelings? I think enough is enough. At one point when do we say, WE won’t take your control over us anymore? I hope that soon we can find a peaceful way to live among each other, but I feel that’s a lost cause most days. I know, that this blog post is not my normal blog posts, but I felt that it needed to be brought to attention. What are your feelings on all the chaos in the world? Do you think that “we” as a people can start to learn to live together and become united? I surely hope that the countries, the towns, that are suffering from all this, are on their way to a better life. – Dee King-

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