Beggin for thread

Well, I tried to post a video for you all! It’s a new song by Banks, Beggin for thread. I am using it as a theme song right now a long with two other songs. Unfortunately, it won’t let me! I couldn’t even copy and paste it the link.. So here goes.. 

Go to youtube, type in Banks Beggin for thread official video. It’s something else man! It may be a little explicit for some viewers, but overall it has an awesome beat, a vibe that you can get with, and she sings like a rock star. Check her out.. see if you can’t figure out what I may be writing about next, and I promise, it’s probably not what you think! Hehe! Anyways, since I can’t load the dang video I will leave you with some of the playlist so far… Who’s ready? Great! Let’s do this!

Hozier- Take me to Church

Pop Evil- 

Banks- Beggin for thread (Still no video 😦 )

That’s all I will give away right now.. You guys give a listen.. Some good tunes! Peace, love, and all that Jazz! -Dee-

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