Wonders never Cease

I have wrote on here a hundred times, and each time I have deleted it. I didn’t know where to start or even how to explain why I stopped writing on this blog, but now I don’t think it matters. I didn’t want to be a coward or say anything bad about anyone, but I am over it now. I stopped writing in here due to finding out that someone who was once (let’s call maybe a friend) had started following this blog. I was trying to make sure that this person couldn’t see what was going on with my life.. Then wordpress started acting weird, and I just gave up all together on here. That’s why I took a long hiatus from writing on this blog. Of course, I kept writing on my other blog, but I completely dropped this one.

I want to back up the story for just a moment. It wasn’t that I was afraid of the person, I had been hurt. I never understood how so much anger could come from me publishing a book, but I think I get it now. Jealousy. I wasn’t ever upset that she was doing something wonderful for herself and also helping me, but when someone just walks out of your life and you have no idea why… Well, that makes you question everything. Now, I am sure that everyone goes through friendships and friends and usually something happens where you become closer or you break apart. The break apart friendships always leave you wondering why? Were you not as close as you thought? How many times had that person stabbed you in the back to make sure they felt better about themselves? How many times did you try to do everything you could for that friend and vice versa just to have the friend be done with you over something besides lame excuses? These were all the questions I had to ask myself. Now, almost a year later… I feel no regrets. I was a great friend, and she had been a great friend to me … but sometimes life changes your plans.

We all struggle with friendships and relationships, that’s just how life is. I never wished and never wish anyone harm, but I am glad I finally feel I can close that chapter of my life. It was a lesson learned. Out of all that I was able to write a story, and write is just what I did. I told a story of relationships, friendship, and love. I wrote a story from somewhere deep inside of me. I never thought I could be so cold at times…. but the book just seemed to carry itself out that way. Enchanted Legacy has been the book that I hold close to my heart. Of course, my Charming Series was a book I just wanted to tell my life story through, but even that has changed in a dramatic way. Enchanted Legacy has proven to be my dark side, with the good and dark that hides within ourselves. I hope that you all will check out the book. It’s something different from me that’s for sure.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my words… Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Dee King-


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