Playlist Wednesday

On Wednesdays is playlist day. I share music that I have wrote too and or am using for the playlist in the books. This is one of my favorite days, and so glad to be able to share with all of you again.

Yesterday, I touched on the fact of why I had been gone for so long.. and today feeling great about moving on.

So, on that note…. Let’s begin shall we? I chose this song from The Script for many different reasons. At one point in the beginning he says “You can be the Hero.” This is true. You may not be able to be famous or save people from burning buildings, but you have the chance to be a HERO. A hero in your own right. Be the CHAMPION! Be the person you want others to see. We all have our days, but you can be anything and anyone. In all of my books, I want you to walk away feeling like you can do this.. That no matter what is thrown at you, you are strong, you are the one who can change the world. All it takes is one hero. One hero in your world. Today, I chose to be the HERO. Someone that others can count on.. Do you?

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