Playlist Wednesday..

Hello there! How is this fine Wednesday treating you? Oh good! (Haha.. See, just starting this day off with some laughs.)

On my other blog, today is Playlist Wednesday. This started a while back, but since I haven’t been writing on here you may not know my obsession with music. (I said obsessed.. I think that could be an understatement.) On Wednesdays, I discuss what songs I am using for the books, what albums are out right now, and even Indie bands. I try to promote everyone if I can. Today, I have a new song for you all. I have been talking about this album for a while now, and had heard most of the songs, but nothing like having it in my hands. I have listened, and listened, and then listened some more to the new Muse album, Drones.

The song I will be sharing today is Reapers. This song has some amazing guitar riffs, and just blows my mind.. 20 years later they are still making music that speaks to the masses. This album seems to be quite political. The band is from the United Kingdom if you weren’t aware, and we all know some great bands from that country. One word, Beatles. Anyhow, this album seemed like their older ones. I loved their last album too, but this one is.. just ..damn good. Now, of course, not everyone is going to like them, I am aware. The music though just moves me..

I guess it’s time I share one of their songs from the album, Drones. I felt like the guitar solo pieces alone was worth the share!

Peace, Love, and all that Jazz! As always, if you love the song and or the music, be kind, pay for it.. give back to the artists that provide us with the tunes we LOVE! -Dee-


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