I woke up early this morning and thought maybe I could go ahead and share some of my randomness with all of you instead of waiting till Monday. Now, of course, Monday will hold a lot more information but let’s just start this day off with some fun. (It is Friday..)

For months I have been writing the second novel in my Charming Series. There’s a huge part of me that feels the books are some how tainted. On the first novel I wrote there was so many problems, I can’t begin to tell you how that even got published. (It did, but if you are looking for a book with a thousand mistakes, that’s the one you will want to get. Haha) Not only did it not print right, it doesn’t look much better on an E-Reader. I recently gave the book away for free to try to promote the second book in the series. It went over well, except for one reader who hated it. Although, not sure she even finished the book, so some of her complaints were answered in the rest of the story. As a writer you put time, effort, and sweat (okay maybe not sweat, but you get the idea) into your writing. You go over it and over it wondering is this good enough? Well, my answer is .. Probably not. You want to write the next big thing, or the next great Hemingway story, but odds are… I won’t be doing that. I never went to college, I never studied writing for a career, I just decided screw it, I want to tell stories. That’s what I had decided I wanted to do. Tell stories. They may not be good stories, but I still wanted to tell them. When I write I can’t help but put myself into these characters. Some are loved, some are hated, some will never see the light of day. That’s just who I am. I believe that all writers put themselves on display in some form, and you have to be prepared for what the world will say to you. I don’t know if I was ever prepared for all that came with publishing books. Tears of sadness, tears of joy, and tears of frustration have flowed onto my cheeks too many times to count. That’s just the way it goes.

Writing the second book in the series, Charmed Destiny, has been hard. I knew it would be. I had taken a break, wrote Enchanted Legacy, (where you can find available on most e-readers, that’s my shameless plug) to take a much needed step back from writing the Charming books. With Enchanted Legacy I wanted to tell a story about a young teen girl who had to fight for what she wanted, to show others that you can do anything, and to believe in yourself. That book is so much of myself that I find it odd when people love it. Sounds strange I am sure, but when it’s a huge piece of yourself on display it’s hard not to. After writing both books I started writing another book so I could finish the Charming Series… Then I stopped. I literally stopped writing, stopped blogging, stopped the constant social media, I just needed a break. It was so hard to have to constantly give and give and I became exhausted with myself over the amount of stress I felt. It wasn’t anyone’s fault or that I felt like I was just that good, it was about myself. I hadn’t stopped to live life, I was just going through the motions. So, I took a VERY long break, and found that I had missed writing. (I also wanted to finish the damn book.) The past few months that’s what I have done. Write, typed, whatever, but I found myself enjoying it this time.

Since, we are on the subject of Charmed Destiny.. Let’s talk about that for a minute, shall we? This book isn’t anything like the first one to the series. It’s wrote from a male’s perspective, and I’m not even sure I did that right. Self doubt is my biggest fault, but I am overcoming that every day. I took the feedback from the first one, then put all of that into this book. Like I said, not sure it’s anything like the first book I ever wrote, but I am sure the similarities are there. Charmed Destiny takes us for a different kind of ride that’s preparing for the last book in the series. Although, like I said I feel these books are tainted. Already there has been issues, and we haven’t even began to do the amount of work it will take to finish the damn series.

I have a new cover for the book, which was re-done again, because the first one wasn’t working for so many reasons. I am planning on sharing that here in the next week or so. It may not make sense to see the cover and know the book is about gods and goddesses but it worked for my thought process. Everyone goes through life wondering at times, is this it? No, it’s not it, it’s just one more step on your journey. I never wanted to look back at my life and wonder what could have been. This is my step, this is my chance, and I gotta take it or I will never know what could have been. If you have a dream, even if it’s small, take that step. Take the world by storm, live your life, because we only got this one shot, and we have to make it count.

Thanks for reading my randomness. Enjoy your day. Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Dee

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This might sound weird, but I read so often of writer’s struggling and not making it and bemoaning how hard it is to get published, it’s just so refreshing to hear from a writer that is making it, that’s published and just focused on the writing and their writing is actually popular. Reading your post really made my day!

    1. No, thank you! I often feel no one reads these, so I just babble on forever. Haha. I am an indie author, I published on my own, and it’s a struggle. Never the less, I want to always move forward, push others to move forward. I can’t say thank you enough for just taking the time to read my words of non wisdom. (LOL) You made my day!

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