I stand with France

I had promised a lot of information today, and I want to keep true to that promise.. BUT I will do two blog posts today, because I didn’t want anyone to get confused on my feelings for what happened in France Friday.

I was in utter shock when I heard the news. It was like something out of a horror novel. It made me feel the same way I had felt on 9/11 here in America. Shock, scared, then angry.. How do these people claim that they do it in the name of their god? I am not real religious, and this isn’t a post about religion, this is just me saying how I feel this can’t be right. There’s no way that much hate comes from somewhere good inside of someone’s soul. That’s pure hate for others whom you have no idea about. I understand that hate is taught, but somewhere in your soul you have to know that it’s wrong. Any kind of killing is wrong, obviously, but mass murder.. I think that just makes you more of a coward.

I’m not sure what the right answers are and how we get rid of such hate, but I hope we find peace some day soon. For the meantime, I stand with France, and mourn with their loss. They will be in my thoughts, and hopefully soon all this madness will be over… But that’s just a dream….


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