Let’s Do This

The other day I talked about writing, me sharing lots of fun stuff, and then… Then I thought, what the heck am I gonna share?

I have an entire playlist to my newest novel that I have been sharing on other social media outlets, and my other blog, but then I thought is this the blog I want to share all of that with? Originally, I had used this blog to write about my random bull $*#*  and whatever came to my mind. I obviously still do that, just in a smaller dose. Then, I thought about what I could share about my newest book coming out, Charmed Destiny, and what all I can share about that. Then.. Then I decided screw it! I am just gonna talk about whatever the heck I want because, well, that’s who I am.

First, let’s discuss this playlist to the book. It took FOREVER to put all the music together to tell a story with the lyrics and the right songs that would fit for the book. I worry if people would even know the songs, but then again, knowing me, I decided I didn’t care. The songs told the story in a way and that’s all I wanted it to do. I am sure I could pick some very popular tunes, may be some old school rock, or even some teen music. (After all that is the audience I write to in my novels..) BUT no.. I didn’t do that. I chose the songs I had listened to while writing and although, they may not be popular bands or songs, that’s the music I listen to. There was no way I could list all of the songs I had listened to while writing. That list would be a mile long and quite frankly I can’t remember all of them.

So, I decided to share with you guys some of the first part of the playlist with you all. Like I said the songs tell a story so lyrics are always important to me. (The list will be at the end of this long ass blog post.)

In one of my other blog posts I discussed me being a writer. I want to make sure that everyone knows this.. I did not go to college, I don’t have a degree in writing and I sure as heck didn’t know this would be where my life is now.. but that’s what makes writers, well, writers. I did fairly well in school, but my career was never going to be writing. I used to write stories all the time for fun.. but my love was always music. I can’t count the multiple jobs I thought I would be doing at this age in my life. I lost my scholarship money for college due to my grades my senior year in high school. Friends and all of that became more important and I had some major drama going on in my life at the time, and honestly college was the place I had wanted to go. I moved around after high school then finally settled down. I even took a test to get into Interior Design and passed, yet didn’t go through with it. I had no self confidence, I had no idea what I would do if I had failed, so I figured why even try. College is so expensive that by the time I had decided I should go, there was marriage, kids, and a whole life that I had to live without ever going to college. Then one day I decided to sit down and write a story.. A story that was about my life just in unbelievable worlds. I never thought I would even publish the book to be honest. There’s beyond mistakes made in that first book. Again, I am just a writer who wanted to tell stories, definitely no Hemingway here. But that’s the best part of being a writer.. You write for yourself, not for others. Of course you want someone to read your stories, but you learn to build a back bone when people slam all of your work. That’s gotta be something that you learn to use for yourself to build you up, not let them tear you down. So, I will keep writing, I will keep telling stories because that’s what I love to do. Good, bad, or whatever it brings I am doing this!

If you are an author or if you are just a writer.. GOOD for you! Keep up the good work, and keep pushing yourself for the dreams you have. If you just have a dream even if it’s to work at McDonald’s (okay I am just using that as a reference, but you get the idea) then you go for that dream. We all need help in our lives, and we need to be reminded that someone is in your corner, and that person will always be me!


So, now onto the fun part! THE PLAYLIST!

Saint Motel- Cold, Cold Man

The Weekend- Can’t feel my face

Florence and the Machine- What Kind of Man

Twenty One Pilots- Stressed Out

Atlas Genius- Trojans

Fall Out Boy- Immortals

This is the first part of the playlist.. If you don’t know these songs, then I urge you to check them out. Great music with lyrics that spoke to me.

Well, I said this would be a long one, and boy oh boy is it! If you love the music make sure you give the bands or artist the credit because they work hard to give us the break we need from the real world.

Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Dee561759_366327450117248_623095531_n

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