It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Hello, to all of you in the world wide internet.. If you weren’t aware this is the time of year where it’s said to be the most wonderful. I find that to be true. People seem to be more giving, more willing to help others, and overall in a happier mood.

I would like to believe that we could always be like this, but we all know that’s not true. Watching people the day after Thanksgiving or what I would like to now call Black Thursday, since everything starts so soon now, the day the people lose their minds over materialistic bull shit makes you wonder what are the holidays really about. You would think that people would be feeling the holiday spirit, but that is not the case. These people are losing their minds, literally over the dumbest stuff. It’s ridiculous watching these videos of people pushing, fighting, screaming over something that is on sale. It’s like they have never been let out of their homes or something.. I always believed it was better to give than to receive and I believed that it wasn’t about the materialistic items you received or gave.

That’s what it’s supposed to be, I thought.

Then after the biggest sales in America, people go around singing songs, smiling at one another, and helping each other..

Are you serious? Some people just fought someone in a store for the stupid television they wanted. It’s amazing to me how people act sometimes. But, that again, is not what the holidays are about or at least not for me. Everyone has their own customs, their own beliefs, their own ways of celebrating the holidays. I find that it’s up to you to make the holidays good for you. Whether it be baking, giving back to others who don’t have as much or if anything, or if it’s spending time with your family..

It’s up to you, how you make your holiday season a good one.

Now, sometimes things happen, and it’s hard to find that peace during the holidays. I can relate to that, too. Not every holiday, (Christmas), has been a good one for me, and or my family. I think we try to make that one day good, but it’s hard if you feel the world crashing all around you. I can feel your pain also. I have learned that we have to make the best of the situations we are in, and try to find that peace within ourselves, even if it’s only for a moment.

The holidays can be wonderful and also joyous, but it can be painful too. Not everyone lives the “cookie cutter” type life, and some have lost loved ones and it’s hard to celebrate that day. I feel your pain also.

I just wanted to tell you that whatever your situation is that I hope this holiday season you find peace, joy, and whatever your hearts desire is. It may be the Christmas season, it may be the upcoming of a new year, but if you need to find peace, I truly hope that for you.

I found this beautiful song this morning, and I am not religious (I don’t share my religion with many) but it just gave me peace for a few moments while I was listening to it. I don’t think it matters whether you are a christian, a pagan, whatever your belief may be, you can find a song that moves you for a few moments.

It may not be about the words so much, but about the power of the voices that move you.

We all know many Christmas songs, we all know that radio stations play it at one point to where you want to shout that’s enough! (LOL Believe me, I switch the channel) But I thought may be this holiday season I could take a moment and find a song that I found was just beautiful and worth the listen.

This isn’t about religion, this is just about voices that came together that made one beautiful song. May you find this song as beautiful as I did.

(One day I may share my religious beliefs, but it won’t be today, and this song has nothing to do with what I believe, I just found it beautiful.)

Peace, Love, and All that Jazz- Dee


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