Playlist Day

Today, we are doing some NEW music that I found this week.

Today, is Playlist day for this blog. Usually it’s songs that I will be using in the books.. Today, we are switching that up a little.  By now, if you have read the blog, or if you’re new, you should know that I try to promote Indie Bands, while I also try to promote the music that moves me.

It’s a broad range of music, but that’s what I like. (I can’t help it..) I found some really cool tunes, and some awesome bands on Twitter this week. I decided what better day to share then today.

Let’s just jump right in to the two bands I want to feature this week. (May be an older one too!)

First off, let me say that both bands I contacted could not have been more awesome in response time, and were more than willing to take the time to talk to little ole’ me. That speaks volumes for their characters as people. You could really tell they love their fans.

The first band is out of Los Angeles. Now, at first when I hear a band is from there, I go straight into the thought process of  the band 30 seconds from Mars. (Obviously, I’m a big fan of them. Haha)

They are Ships Have Sailed.

They have a song called Drive, that I immediately fell in love with. They are being played on the college radio circuit and have been praised for their first EP, Someday, that was released in 2014. This band has a cool sound.

I tried to think of who they sounded like to compare them, but honestly I couldn’t. All I could think was the song Drive, should be playing on the radio world wide, and possibly in a movie. Typically, I like an Indie band, but not enough to listen to their songs on repeat. This one I did.

They have a great website that allows you to hear their album.. You can also purchase their songs. (Believe me, I will be downloading Drive to my computer to have on repeat!)

(I will share the links at the bottom!)

This band has the potential to rock your socks off if you love Alternative Pop in any way. Be sure to listen to their album, it’s most definitely worth it! (Even if you don’t, you gotta take a listen, it’s worth the 3 minutes to just hear one song!)

Okay, Band Number 2 on my list this week…

The Shameless Pursuit.

They are based from my hometown, Kansas City. This part was exciting for me. I hadn’t found a local band to talk about in a while, and then these awesome guys appeared!

The Shameless Pursuit started this past year, 2015, and are already rising artists among the Indie world. They have a singer/songwriter type vibe.

They have released their first album in October of this year.

They have been played on local radio stations, and the college circuit too. Again, I tried to find a band that I thought I could compare them too.. The only one that kept running through my mind was Death Cab for Cutie. They seriously have a very unique sound like Death Cab does.

Their album, Fall it Forward, took me by surprise. They have this kick ass song, The Opener, and I really enjoyed it. I listened to their album on repeat too. I really enjoy their sound. It’s got a hint of folk in there too, but it’s also the type of music that you can chill to. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out, it’s a must! I have to say the song Captains and Kings was my favorite though.

Both bands made me so happy to see that you don’t have to be mainstream to be amazing! It gave me hope again in the Indie world of music. (I have had some bands share with me, and I was like.. Oh boy, not sure what to even say about that?)

But then again, these people are pouring their hearts into their music, and that’s something I’ll always find admirable. No one is going to like every song, by every band, that’s why there is such a broad range of music in the world.

If the music moves you, then by all means, keep listening.

I also mentioned that I might talk about an old band today.. It’s really not an old band, it’s just been around for a while, and I wondered how many people have heard them.

Iron and Wine. It has got to be some of the best folk type music I have ever heard.

They had a very hit song that was played on the Twilight movie soundtracks, and I fell in love with that song. The song, Flightless Bird American Mouth, was so beautiful, it really struck me to the core. I just loved his raspy voice, the lyrics, and the music over all to that song. If you haven’t had a chance to hear that song. Please, check it out. You can find the whole album on Spotify, and or Youtube. It’s just a song that can move you.

You can slow dance to it, it can make your body sway back and forth, and bring memories of a love. That’s what this song does for me.

Alright, so now to the links of the awesome Indie Bands today.

Please go check out these bands, you will not be sorry! And as usual, if you love the music they provide for our listening pleasure, purchase the album. They work hard to bring us such joy!

That’s all for today, my fine friends, see you on the flip side!

Peace, Love, and All that Jazz- Dee

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