Christmas Eve, Eve?

Today is Christmas Eve, Eve.. Sounds funny when you say that out loud.. Seems weird to be saying it all, actually. It seems like just yesterday we were preparing for the upcoming holidays, but it wasn’t this close. The hustle and all that goes into making it a great holiday seems to go by so fast. Holiday parties, buying presents, decorating trees, then in a flash the holidays are over.

Time seems to move by so much faster the older I get. When I was a child it seemed like FOREVER for Christmas to come, and now I keep saying, it’s almost Christmas? Where does all of that time go? I remember as a child hearing, Don’t grow up too fast, and all I could think of was wanting to grow up fast. It’s funny how that happens.. Now, as an adult I hope for more days in a week so that I can get everything done. This week has already flown by, when just last week, I thought I could get everything accomplished this week. Time just always seems to run out..

Finishing up my first round of edits was harder than I thought. I had wanted to be done with them before the winter break came. It happened, but it was a struggle. Writing seems to come more natural to me than actually speaking to others. (I do talk to people, and can be quiet friendly) But, I find writing everything out just seems to go smoother. (Haha, because most of the time I don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing) It lets me get everything off my mind that I feel I can’t say aloud. I am sure that I do say many things I shouldn’t say aloud, but writing down your thoughts seems to be such an easier task.

When I was a teenager I would write about the holidays, just for myself, everything I had hoped would happen and everything I had wished for would all come magically, on Christmas. Many years, it wasn’t about gifts, it was about peace. Peace within myself, peace for my relationship with my parents, and peace within my heart.

Now, I find that writing about the holidays seems to be about making sure that my children are happy, and that they have peace.

Every year is different, last year, I was preparing for what had been one of the worst years of my life to just move on into the new year.. This year I am not waiting for the new year, I am enjoying the every day life.

As the holidays will soon be over I wanted to take a minute and reflect on everything wonderful about the holidays. The food, the family, the friends, and the love. It’s my favorite time of the year, and I hope that you have found peace this year too. Remember, it’s not always about what’s under the tree, but what’s in your heart that makes all the magic seem so real.

I wish every one of you a very Happy Holiday! Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Dee


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