Nothing is black or white…

When you start writing you have no idea where the story or where the sentence is even going.. You just write because it becomes a second nature to you. You write to feel, to let out all those thoughts that run through your mind, and you write to release the inner you. That’s where you find yourself becoming the person you wanted to be. You.

Writing isn’t just about making up a story or about pleasing others, it’s just about you speaking your mind. You lose yourself somewhere along the way… You find yourself in those pages too. We could all talk about how writing for yourself is a release for thyself, but in all honesty, writing is much more than that. You put your words down on paper (or type it out) and then you decide to release that part of yourself to the world. You take the chance to let the whole world see your soul wrote out in front of the world, letting the cruel world ridicule your every word, your every thought.

When you write a book, you put your whole world inside your head on blast for the world to say.. You suck, That was amazing, This story was pointless, This was a waste of my time, the list goes on and on.. BUT let’s remember you are the one that took the chance for the whole world to read your thoughts. You took the chance for people to see inside of your little world. No, you may not be the best, hell, you may be the worst, but does that matter? You wrote what you felt, it was never about pleasing the whole world, it was about you sharing who you are, a part of you.. in black and white.

Nothing in this world is ever just black and white. Those words you share with the world, those thoughts, those characters, are all apart of who you are. That’s you in black and white, yet, the world you want to bring to others is full of colors. The dark shades of the pain you have felt, the lighter shades showing the joyful times you have had. Nothing in this world is black and white. It’s a world full of so many shades, that you never want anyone to walk away thinking.. That was just black and white. I want to write in color. I want to feel in color. The pain that drives me, the lighter shades that light my path, these are all my words, my thoughts, my fears and dreams wrote in … well, color.


Don’t ever let anyone take your passion from you. Everyone can have opinion, but if you write, you started for one reason only. Yourself. Don’t let the ones who only see black and white cloud your dream. Be who you are and don’t be afraid of who that is. Because someone, somewhere, see’s those same colors you wrote in. As for me, I think I am going to keep writing in many colors, many shades of myself.. I will never let anyone steal my colors. Those are mine to share, not theirs. We, as writers, have to know that we do something others are petrified of doing… We let ourselves be seen for who we are. The good, the bad, and the ugly! So, you, yes you, YOU keep being yourself, because that’s who I want to know. The real, the raw, the unleashed best version of you!


Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Dee King

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