Best Sellers….

We often find ourselves, as writers, reaching for a particular goal. That beloved best seller list. We don’t start out on that dream, we start out as just what we are. Writers. Then you start to want something more..

You want to see your name on a best selling list. It doesn’t matter which one, just one. That to you would say, Hey, you did an awesome job. In reality what it would clarify is all the times you doubted yourself, the I give the hell up’s, and the F this shit attitude would have all been worth it. As a writer, author, we tell these stories that somewhere inside of us this is what we want the world to know. We don’t know how we do it, we just do it. It’s something that seems to come second nature to us. Any kind of award makes you feel like you have been approved. Honestly, though, you write for you.

Hell, I write and never think anyone is going to read what I say. Why would they? I am just another person rambling on about bullshit that often doesn’t matter to anyone but myself. I mean I could write some beautiful poetry, love song, etc.. but in reality, I would be doing that for other people not myself. When you sit down and write a book, you are doing much more than rambling on. You are creating a world that somewhere lives inside of you. It may be that it’s a world you dream of, or it could be a world filled with your nightmares. Either way, that story is yours to tell. Only you.

Well, I recently made the best seller list. Now, I know what you’re thinking.. How they hell did that happen? I honestly have no idea. But, it did. I have it for two different genres. Paranormal Romance and Fantasy. I wrote my first book over two years ago now, and it’s just now being read. Do I feel amazing? Yes. Am I worried that people who bought will hate it? Hell yes. Do I feel that I have something to look forward to? Of course. We all want some kind of validation in our lives from all sorts of things. Yes, it feels awesome to have this now, but it also feels like a big brick was just placed on my shoulders. What if the next book is awful? I thought the first one wasn’t that great.. In the end..

We should remember why we started writing in the first place.. Our love for telling a story. It doesn’t matter if you make a list or if you never sell a single copy of your work. You did what you wanted, you worked for an ultimate goal, and that my friends, is what sets us apart. We, as authors, have to know that we will be under a microscope at times. People will tear your work apart. BUT, it’s that one person that says.. I loved it. I cried. I felt such a connection with the characters. That is what makes this all worth it. So NEVER give up on your goals. You never know, two years later, you may just be a best seller too!


YOU GOT THIS! Reach for the stars! Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Dee

P.S. Here is my shameless plug for my book series. Feel free to let me know your thoughts. These two covers were my concept ideas, I chose the last one.


P.P.S. The book is not edited correctly and had major formatting issues, but none the less, I wrote a book and published it. The hell with it. I had to go for my dream! You should too!Charming Selene cover option 1CS Option 2

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