Video (Yea, that’s the whole title)

With every book I have wrote, there has been a video. Now, that being said.. Not all the videos were good, because I may not be the best tech savvy person. I can own that. I know this. (Haha)

With that being said, I had some major help with this one. It was a collaboration of efforts this time. The video has two great songs from two of my favorite Indie Rock bands. The Shameless Pursuit and Ships Have Sailed. (Seriously, I LOVE THEM!) Anyhow.. with their songs I felt it could tell the story a little better than the usual background music. We took some of the teasers, some of the photos I have used to describe certain scenes, and my words straight from the book.

Now, as long as I have your attention here I need to give thanks! Thank you to my TEAM who works so very hard for me to do this job. (Being an author is great, but I need a team for so many reasons.) One of my team members put this video together for me. It was way better than mine were. (Haha.. This is the truth!) We thought it would be good just to share something a little different than what I have done before. This book is driving me right into the crazy house, but I think I must like it there.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this video for Charmed Destiny. Maybe it gives a little insight into where the series is headed. (Can’t give away to many spoilers..) Thank you to all of you who view the video, thank you for taking the time to read my random words, and thank you haters for encouraging me. That’s right, even the haters get some love. Without haters how would you know how well or bad you have done. (Haha..)

Let’s see how this goes.. As I hold my breath, cross my fingers, and possibly rock back and forth in my chair anxiously awaiting the thoughts of others. Thank you again!!


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