I didn’t forget you…

The past couple of months have been crazy. I am sure that everyone says that, but I literally felt like I was going “nuts”. For months we have been working on Charmed Destiny and trying to get this damn book published. Between edits, more editing, and oh, editing that took more time than I was prepared for. (Note to self, try to think of that next time.) I am glad to say the book has FINALLY been published. This book took over a year for everything to come together for it. In a million years I never thought it was going to take that long to finish this book. (Seriously, I didn’t think that far ahead.)

Writing the next installment to the Charming Series was way more than I had expected it to be. One, from the male’s perspective really surprised me.. Two, writing a completely different story than was planned. When you start writing a book or hell, writing anything you think of the ideas, you make an outline etc.. Not this book. I never wrote the outline, I never thought of where, who, how or what was going to happen. I literally just wrote a story. From there the story started taking a mind of it’s own. I had stopped writing for over three months. Not just that story, but all together. I was discouraged, heart broken at times, and honestly, wanted to give up. But then something happened..

I woke the hell up and pulled myself together! It didn’t matter anymore if anyone read any of my books, I didn’t start this process for anyone but myself. There has been great days with this career and there has been days where I didn’t know if I was going to get the hell out of bed. If anyone EVER says that writing is easy.. They are lying to you! In one way it is easy, you write and write, then you scribble (or I should say back space) entire ideas out. You always hope that you write a story that captures peoples attention, but that’s not always the case. Being an author is a career that you really have to love to keep going. Even if you are writer just for blogs (let’s say), it’s still something you have to want to do.

There has been great times with writing though.. I have won some awards, I have had people tell me how they enjoy what I write, and I think that’s the cure to this whole “writing” thing. Even if you can just reach one person with your words and somehow it has an effect on them, then that’s worth all of this. I should be promoting the holy hell out of my book that I just published, but I needed to tell you where I was at when writing this story. I took from my life and made an elaborate story with Charmed Destiny. There’s going to be people who hate it, there’s going to be people who love it, and there’s going to be people who want to tear everything I do down. BUT that’s the love of writing.. This series (Charming) is literally parts of me that I let leaked out into the world. You hide behind your writing sometimes and I never saw this book going the way it did. Critics have said that I shouldn’t be such a smart-ass in the books that readers won’t understand, to it’s the worst writing that they have read, to the story confused them, to I hate your writing.. Well, I got two words for those people.. (I will let you use your imagination) If you are a writer then you write. You write what you want and what makes you happy. Or hell, even if it makes you sad and you have to get those feelings out then you do that! Don’t EVER let the “nay sayers” take your dreams from you. Believe me..

Now.. FOR the shameless plug time! (Yea, I know you saw it coming too.. Haha)

Charmed Destiny is about a guy who is madly in love with a female whom he now has to marry if he wants to be with her (forever). Their story isn’t like most love stories, they have to battle every step of the way, then their story takes a crazy turn. They have to either fight for themselves and what they want or just let the gods rule their lives as they have always done.

I hope that you check out the book, maybe just the cover.. You can find it on amazon!

Thank you! A million times over THANK YOU for reading my random thoughts of the every day writer..

Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Dee KingCD Tag Line


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