One week..

It’s been almost a week since I published Charmed Destiny. What a whirl wind of an event. When you publish a book, you sit there waiting.. Waiting to see what others think of your work, wondering if you have done everything right.. wondering if anyone will ever read the book you poured your heart and soul into. These are all the questions I played on repeat in my mind that day.

I have heard many good things about the book thus far, so that’s a good sign. Right? This story took me back to a lot of pain that I never thought I would share with anyone, let alone the whole world. From the love story inside the book, to the main point of the story.. It’s my life put into a very fictional book. With that being said, I also knew I was taking a huge chance writing this series of books. Family members could be mad at me for what I have put out into the world. Only one thing I can say about that.. This is my story, this my life.. I am sure they have a difference of opinion, but it’s my story to tell. These books will always be a work of fiction, obviously, but there is points in the books where you can see they relate to my life. That’s the scariest part of all this. The book, Charmed Destiny, took so long to write and finish. It started out with a very different idea of what I had thought originally.. That’s the beauty of writing. You never know where a story is going to go. The whole mythology vibe in the books is also because I loved learning about in school.It may not be exactly how they are supposed to be in mythology because I didn’t want that. I wanted some of it to keep with the myths, but others I wanted to throw right out. Again, this is just a story.. My story..

People that know me say they are never shocked that I write books for a living.. I have always told such elaborate stories, wrote upon any paper that was in reach.. It’s the love of story telling I think.. I believe that all writers just want to tell their stories in their minds, and I just chose to write books to tell mine. With all this being said.. there’s a music video that I wanted to share that we found recently that seemed like it was meant to go along with the book. Seriously, love the song. If you have read any of my past blogs, it’s pretty much inevitable that I will speak about music. It’s just who I am. Haha.

Peace, Love, and all that Jazz- Enjoy the week my friends! Dee

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