It’s been months

For months now…

I think I have tried to get my wordpress to work for months now, and yet nothing. Finally, TODAY it did! Who’s excited? That’s right, Me! Haha. As I have always said, I’m not the normal author, nor do I ever claim to be. It’s all about just me saying whatever the hell my mind comes up with next. For the longest time the only blogging that was happening was on my other one from blogger. Hopefully, this one will now work.

Obviously, months have passed and my life just keeps going… writing, reading, music, all of it, just keeps going with no signs of it stopping any time soon. (That kind of sounded morbid. Oops, sorry about that.) Let’s see what’s going in this wonderful world of books that I live in. I’m writing the final book of the Charming Series. WOW! It’s a rough one, but it’s time. ALSO BIG news.. The newest version of Charming Selene came out, and that was a huge help! (If you read the first one, I apologize for all the screw-ups.) What else, hmm… Oh let’s see, made a new best sellers list, that was FUN! Having to make a new playlist at this time for the new book, oh, and I’m writing a new novel saga that will come out after this last Charming book. So, that’s about it in the book world.

Now, in the real world so much has changed. Political wise, we won’t even get into that. Let’s just say you try to “grab” me anywhere and you won’t like what happens to you or your hand. I think that sums up where I stand on that. Haha. (Seriously, I will cut you, so don’t even think bout it! LOL)

My daughters are growing up right in front of my eyes, and that alone is so freaking scary. If this seems like I’m rambling, I am. I keep thinking that word press is going to not publish this, because I’ve done this about a hundred times, and nothing ever comes of it.

Alright, we will see if this random words of utter bullshit publishes and if it does.. Then heck yes, I’m BACK! Whoop! Whoop! Also, if you’re still reading this, then thank you! You guys have stuck by me, kept reading this and you have rocked my world. Hope to get write again on this blog! I have SO much more to share! EEK!

As usual- Peace, Love, and all that Jazz my friends.


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