Welcome, Summer.

Here we are, summer time, warm breezes blowing, kids screaming outside, sun shining through the windows, and you feel that summer vibe flowing through your veins. The water calls to you, the ocean water blue as ever, searching for yourself in it’s glory.

The bomb pops melting in your hands, the fan blowing on your face, it definitely feels like summer. Riding your bike with your arms out, to catch that warm wind blow through your fingers, while you dream of being in another world. Finding that book at the end of a hot summer day, to settle in and read in your corner while the fan blows your pages.

Summer time, has arrived, and you see the endless possibilities of what is to come. Bar B Que’s on the horizon, fires in pits, with marshmallows and friends, all while playing the tunes to your day on your now hand held device. “Boom” boxes are sitting out, hoping they play your song while you’re trying to catch that “lightning” bug.

These are all signs of summer. The warmth hitting your face, reminding you that the sun holds vitamins you need, remembering a past of your younger years. Swimming in pools, hoping nobody pee’d in them, watching the sun go down, by bed time, and feeling those summer vibes.

During the summer it’s like being taken to another world… You can pretend that everything is all good… You can find yourself laying in the sun for hours, sweating, but dreaming of your life. Because during summer, life is good…. That’s why we all like summer. Flip flops, beach towels, dancing till all hours of the night… Yea, it feels like summer to me.

This summer, is definitely shaping up to be one of those, where I get lost in the days… Days turning into a week, soon will be a month, all the while, trying to keep focused on what I should actually be doing. But those damn summer vibes have taken over…

Probably should be doing more work, probably should be promoting books, probably should be doing a lot of shit actually, but here I am… Jamming to Weezer’s new song, ‘Feels like summer’, and remembering a past of fields of flowers, beach parties, and swimming till the pool lights come on. Life’s too short to not enjoy the days that turn into weeks. Life’s too short to not see the beauty in the day that holds my hand as I watch the sun go down in the evening.

Catching up on all my Netflix shows, because I missed doing nothing on the hot nights, listening to my children laugh as they have now slept way longer than I have and feeling refreshed.

Life is too short to let the little things pass you by… Live, Love, and for the love of the gods, Laugh! Laugh so much that it hurts. Go to that summer block buster movie, see that concert because you want to, take your children outside to catch those little bugs where their butts light up, and feel the love that flows through your veins. Sit outside with the love of your life, and really look at them, seeing their true beauty as the sun slightly touches their face.

With all that’s happening in this world, how can we not start to see that life is precious?

One more shooting, one more bombing, one more life lost, and all over things that we can’t seem to understand… We can’t fathom why this keeps happening, with everyone having an agenda and you just want to scream…

BUT Life is too short, we must try to live in the present.

You never know when that summer vibe will leave, and you will be left standing in the dark, wishing you would have done more… Feel the sun, feel the water, take that hike, share the heck out of your pictures that you captured of the fun, and just LIVE your LIFE to the fullest!

-Dee- Hand drawn vintage label with a anchor and lettering.


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